When life seems to overwhelm you, this may help.

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Recently I travelled home to Germany, after spending five months in Cuba. This transition was beyond anything I had ever experienced. It left me overwhelmed; for days, I couldn’t focus, felt like crap and didn’t know what to do about it. Finally, on day 4, I had enough, so I asked the universe for help. It provided me instant guidance in the form of this simple 3-step process back to alignment.

Step 1: Allow me to process, integrate and align
For me, that looked like this: Reflecting on what had passed, going through my intentions, + allowing myself to feel what I felt.

Step 2: Find a good routine.
For me, this was about getting back into a workout routine, picking up my morning routine again, eating healthy, and returning to IG and my needle-moving tasks in business.

Step 3: Foundational tasks
This was a crucial step for me. I sat down and did only the most foundational tasks. The tasks I knew I needed to do to set myself up for success. This, for me, was calling the legal advisor for my wedding, laying out my launch plan for the rest of the year, + getting on top of my finances.

From there, I not only felt aligned again but could also start doing any other things on my to-do list.

So often, we can underestimate how our inner world manifests into the external by leaving us overwhelmed and paralyzed. By creating inner order, we make outer order too.

Written by: Tara Fischer.


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