through Covid, it’s been a hard go for my boyfriend and I, being in lockdown in and out of jobs etc. we lost our spark and communication methods.
Gemma has helped me not only see where we were at, but change the path completely. Returning to play, essence and flirting in our 4-year
relationship! It’s stronger than it’s ever been now. She sat with me and asked me some of the hard questions and opened me up to communicating
with ease what I need and honouring what I can control/change. I thought we were going to end up separating until Gemma helped us through some
big hurdles. I couldn’t be more thankful for her guidance and support through these times and I truly think Gemma is a natural healer in her for
relationships of all kinds but definitely for intimate relationship healing. The relationship coach I never knew I needed. 10/10 would recommend it for
anyone struggling or unsure of the relationship path they are on!!!